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Tiffany & Co

There is nothing as iconic as the little blue box wrapped in the satin white ribbon. Tiffany & Co.’s blue box provokes a certain emotion when it is detected by the recipient. In 1837 Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a stationery and high end goods store in New York City. During these times the streets were busy with beautiful women dressed in the finest of fabrics whom exuded class. As the money and society moved more uptown so did the location of Tiffany & Co. In 1867 Tiffany grew international respect when they won grand prize at the Paris World’s Fair for silver craftsmanship. It was not only a victory that they won but also the first time an American house had been honored by a foreign jury. By 1870 Tiffany became the premier silversmith as well as being noted for their exceptional jewels and timepieces. In the short span of time Tiffany had graduated from the once stationery store to a highly reputable jewelry store; catering and outfitting many famed socialites and legendary icons. In 1878 history was made when Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the largest, at the time, canary yellow diamond. Weighing in at just over 287 carats before being cut by an expert gemologist who skillfully polished the diamonds weight down to just over 128 carats but brought out the exceptional intensity; it was this transaction that showed the fine execution of brilliance and where immaculate standards were set. The creation of the Tiffany setting showcased the proficient craftsmanship in coordination with the finest selection of materials. The iconic Tiffany setting boasts the ring above the finger and the setting allowing the diamond to be in the limelight; inevitably showcasing the radiant stone and its flawlessness. Since innovative creation and design was at the heart of what Tiffany represented it allowed them to collect accolades for more than jewelry. Upgrading the great seal of the United States, producing the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy, NBA trophy and the World’s Series trophy are just a few of the other ventures that Tiffany is famous for. The picturesque blue book that is delivered to present the new collections rouses a fairytale-like dream sequence for the reader as each page is flipped to find new marvels. Tiffany has partnered with many prominent designers to form collaboration works and continuous to find new ways to produce nothing but the world’s finest.

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