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Roberto Coin

A young company only being launched in 1996 Roberto Coin has made quite a name for himself. Just four short years later Roberto Coin moved into the spotlight as the seventh best-known jewelry brand in the United States; quite an accomplishment. Founded in “the city of gold” Vicenza, Italy from a passions for the craft and creativity that jewelry offered. Each collection is inspired by a majestic feeling, emotion and vision. Keeping the animal kingdom integrated into the designs as Roberto Coin has explained that he feels a sense of love, life and fascination. Each one of his creations is adorned with his, now, signature rubies hidden somewhere along the piece. Historically in the Egyptian culture rubies were considered “magic” stones. A ruby is fixed on each one of the pieces in hopes that it will provide a long life, health and happiness. Appassionata, Chic & Shine, Ipanema, Elefantino, Primavera & Fantasia are just a handful of the collections that are a part of the brand. Each collection encompasses a different feeling and design. Some bolder than others, while there are refined pieces, fun and funky items but there is certainly something for everyone.

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