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Georges Edouard Piaget set up shop on his family farm in 1874, in the small village of Neuchatel where he dedicated their craftsmanship towards elite pocket watches and high precision clock movements. In Out of the small village word spread, and so did the recognition and desire, for this high quality timepieces. 1911 that legacy was perpetuated when Georges son took over the company and carried on the tradition. In 1943 the important decision to register Piaget as a brand was executed with Piaget & Co being splayed across all of their new innovations. Gerald and Valentin, he grandsons, used their best efforts to ensure that the brand would become more identifiable as well as grow worldwide credibility. It was not too long after that order came pouring in, more than they would have ever imagined. With this popularity a new facility was built in order to provide fulfillment for these orders and the future ones to come as well. In 1957 an icon was born the ultra thin movement. A hand wound movement that was only 2mm thick. Just a few years later, in 1960, Piaget developed the world’s thinnest automatic movement, measuring in at a minuscule 2.3mm thick. The 1960’s was full of glitz and glamour for Piaget and their collection began boasting beautiful baubles along with their intricate time pieces. Extravagant jewels hung from bracelets and watches were placed in bold bangles in coordination with a juxtaposition of eclectic stones. In 1979 the world famous and avant-garde design for the time, the Piaget Polo was born. Becoming a symbol for the brand and solidifying their craftsmanship as well as showing off their expertise in these stylish and thin watches. As time evolved so did the brand. Piaget became a more serious craftsman honing their expertise into collections that included: Emperador, Black Tie, Altiplano, Dancer, Limelight and Possession. Each collection houses special features, impeccable movements and unique functions. There passion for exquisite elegance and refined talent can also be seen through their Haute Joaillerie pieces that are utterly breathtaking.

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