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Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is the last of the independent family owned Genevan watch manufacturers. Founded in 1845 by Antoine Norbert de Patek was later joined by Jean-Adrien Philippe in 1845; when the Patek Philippe name was officially born. Patek Philippe proves their passion by standing alone, in the watch industry, by remaining in the same family name since 1932. The calatrava remains the symbol that is instantly recognizable as, not only, a representation of the brand but as one of their iconic timepieces as well. The calatrava is known for its refined elegance and simplicity. The “Clous de Paris” bezel and the persistent motivation for perfection can be seen in this collection and its design elements. A gently rounded octagonal shape is formed to create a sportier piece, the Aquanaut. The satin finished bezel, the distinctively designed dial and the high-tech rubber strap are just a few of the elements that encompass flawlessness for a sports watch. Paying homage to one of their original retailers, the Gondolo was born in 1993. Its Art Deco design sits in a class of its own with its sleek lines which are a free and contemporary reflection of the Art Deco era. The Nautilus, one of the most coveted pieces, drove inspiration from the maritime vessels portholes. The mission was to find a strong and matchless look that would be exclusive in its own way; that the Nautilus was created. Last, but certainly, not least is the twenty-4. The watch that would revolutionize the watch industry and open up a sector for professional women, who were, too, watch collectors and aficionados. This watch understood women and what they wanted. A watch that was for a successful and active woman who was on the go; a timepiece that would be substantial enough to make a statement. This collection reflects perfection through is shiny links and sleek appearance. Boasting the most prominent name in the watch industry and acclaimed as one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship you could own. Patek Philippe has been regarded as one of the most fabulous and timeless time pieces that will ever grace your wrist. The ad campaign “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation,” is spot on with the nature of the brand.

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