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“The first watch on the moon,” has gained Omega a lot of esteemed attention. One of the only brands closely associated with James Bond and has forever been recognized in many of the series of films. Swiss made luxury at its finest adorned with the iconic Greek letter placed on every one of the dials. Achieving many accomplishments Omega also possesses the title of the official time keeper of the Olympics. Gaining respect in the industry was not difficult with so many different accolades under their belt. The Speedmaster, known mostly for its appearance on the moon, has remained virtually the same as when it was first introduced. Since 1982 the Constellation collection has been a colossal hit with the watch loving community. A serious underwater sports watch was introduced with the Seamaster collection; allowing avid water adventurers to have a watch that would not only provide precision but would also be worry free in the water. The Deville Prestige collection has become one of the most popular collections due to its untouched and classic appearance. The serious diver needs a serious diving watch enter Planet Ocean; a new kind of species that would encompass innovative ideas and technology. Fixed with a helium escape valve, screw in crown, chronograph and unidirectional bezel, this watch is a diver’s dream piece. The introduction of the co-axial movement was a solidification that Omega was a major player in the watch industry and they too were revolutionary in the mechanics of watch making and were only progressing. Omega is not only responsible for adding revolutionary novelties to the watch industry, but also assumes a worldly responsibility for the planet and our home, the Earth. Omega has been vocal about their new campaign Good Planet. “Good water, good life. Poor water, poor life. No water, no life,” has been the driving motivation for Omega to dedicate their reputation to raise global awareness. Omega will remain a symbol of ground breaking history for more than one reason and has stated that they will perpetually use their name for the good of the people.

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