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Mont Blanc

Without fail Mont Blanc has been a representation for fine luxury goods as well as creating a market for writing instruments. Celebrated for almost a century they are known for their fine materials, impeccable design and pioneering ideas. Branching out they used their devotion to the luxury industry by breaking into new industries, leather pieces, fragrances and watches. Most of the collections are synonymous and are offered in the different categories. Time honored and classic designs drive the passion and dedication to ensuring each piece proudly represents Mont Blanc with value and opulence. Meisterstuck, Starwalker, Boheme and Timewalker are collections that are most keenly recognized and linked with Mont Blanc. The art of writing was reborn with the variety of fine writing instruments available. Pens of all sorts are forged from some of the most precious metals and adorned with prized gems of vibrant colors. All of the pieces that are offered by the brand boast a symbol that represents Mont Blanc. Most of them are adorned with the white and black star which appropriately signifies the snow covered peak of Mont Blanc. Interestingly enough, the highest European mountain also symbolizing their devotion to the highest quality and craftsmanship put into each and every piece that sports their Mont Blanc name.

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