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Rene Lalique was a prominent jeweler in the 20th century who is responsible for contributing to the Art Nouveau movement with his jewelry and glass designs. He was a pioneer in the industry incorporating materials that were not seen as delicate or palpable to be used in designs. Horn, enamel and hard stones were just a few of the items he introduced into these designs. Receiving an order for perfume bottles sparked his imaginative work of, the now iconic, signature frosted glass surface with ornately realistic images through exceptional craftsmanship. Lalique glass was now at the pinnacle of fashion in the 20’s. He was an believer that the glass should be utilized in architectural settings as a majority of his work can be seen in interior designs of chandeliers and decorative arts. Lalique, a legend in the glass industry, set his mark with his intricate designs that are still being produced today.

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