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Jay Strongwater

Enhancing his expertise through his education at RISD and originally famed for his complex jewelry and their imaginative designs. His career started, luckily for him, when he obtained an order, impressively while he was still in school, from Bergdorf and Bendels. After much success shown through his notable jewelry designs that were used for the Oscar De La Renta runway show he opens up a design studio on 39th street, in New York City. Now the company is recognized as Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry. His company flourishes while the trends are aligned with the designs that are encompassed in his fashion jewelry line. Utilizing his appreciated achievements he sells the majority of his business with the potential to expand, but unfortunately the doors are closed within a year. Jay decides less than a year later that he wants to revamp his passion along with his name through a new collection under the, now named, brand Jay Strongwater. It is with the Strongwater brand that his true talents shine through gorgeous pieces and a new found design. With the trend moving towards a more refined look Jay decides to broaden his horizion as an artist and takes on the task of designing home goods. Using his creativity he sends his frames as gifts to clients for the holidays to introduce his new collection. “Jay Strongwater, jewels for the home,” grows and takes on well famed industry leaders, like Mona Hirson from Judith Leiber. Jay Strongwater can be found in high end retailers all around the world. His majestic and regal designs exude the passion that goes into every piece.

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