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Being enamored by the stylish and debonair luggage that he saw the guests using as he worked in a hotel in his early years sparked his interest. In 1920 he took his inspiration to the next level and started to create fine leather accessories with a timeless style and were classically designed. Experiencing many shortages during World War II leather and materials were not excluded from this scarcity. Having to improvise Gucci now moved on to using canvas adorned with the double “G” on their bags creating a new and signature logo for the company. It was through the exposure of the usage by celebrities that the Gucci name grew worldwide with luxury and recognition. Gucci used eclectic items like pigskin, bamboo and other exotic animals to create illustrious eclectic bags. Famous for their horse bit symbol as well as the single and double “G,” there is much English and equestrian influence that is seen throughout the Gucci collection from Guccio’s first inspiration back in London. Watches that are adorned with the horse bit as well as rich and vibrant Tuscan colors coordinate with bamboo shaped earrings and rings. Gucci is certainly known for their luxurious materials and style but they have done an excellent job of including entry level priced watches and jewelry ensuring all admirers can own a desirable piece of Gucci.

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