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One of the world’s most coveted eggs in history is a Faberge. Czar Alexander III wanted to give his wife a special Easter gift to remind her of her home as Easter was the most esteemed holiday in Russia. Choosing to commission of Peter Carl Faberge, who was one of the most prominent jewelers in St Petersburg, was not a difficult decision. It was after seeing the Pan Russian art exhibit that the Czar wanted something just as majestic to give to his wife. Faberge used his strong sense of unique creativity and designed, what is now known as, the first imperial egg. Ordinary looking on the outside with its plain white egg shell exterior, but completely magical inside with a regal hen adorned with ruby eyes nestled on an intricate matching gold yolk. With the birth of the first imperial egg a new tradition was born. Each Easter a new and exhilarating egg would be presented, allowing them to experiment with their creativity and perpetually offer something splendid and grandiose. There was no detail left unfinished and no creativity was spared in continuing to design these remarkable eggs. Ironically Faberge put an onus on using not the best diamonds and jewels because he wanted his designs to excel on their own rather than for the finest jewels. He created works that incorporated ideas like flowers which were virtually extinct in Russia and frames as the brownie camera had just been introduced. There was love and admiration that went into each and every single detail of the piece. The items that boast the Faberge name are guaranteed to be of the utmost and complex design and quality.

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