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Nothing represents fashion, style and luxury more than the double “C.” Through the development of her Chanel No. 5 perfume it was realized that she had found the recipe for eternal femininity. It was in 1932 that she turned her passion and devotion from her costume jewelry line to a new a direction, fine jewelry. Chosen over the premium jewelers of the Place Vendome to showcase how brilliant the diamond truly is; and later serving as the most legendary of collections. She takes apart the previous jewels with their constricting and outdated designs and repurposes them in fresh and innovative ways. “I want jewels that slip between the fingers of a woman like a ribbon” defines her zealous sentiments that were materialized through her collection. “I wanted to shower women with constellations” as she mimicked the Parisian sky with dazzling diamonds perfectly placed in her hand made settings. Making the conscious design to create, symbolically, 5 collections that would highlight her talent and abilities and displaying them, not in the store on Rue Cambon but, in her apartment. Simple wax mannequins have manicured hair and refined make up that goes along to boast the luxurious jewels. Through her fiercely laid designs the jewels of yesterday are enhanced today and further instill Gabrielle Chanel’s designs. The Camelia, the lion and classic pearls are just a few of the icons that were born from the collection and have forever been staples that are instantly associated with this superlative brand. Adorned with brilliance exudes the opulence that was sought to be found through the ownership of these spectacular jewels. Alongside the jewels the appreciation for the fine timepieces grows in parallel. Le premier, J12, Matelasse, Mademoiselle Prive and high jewelry watches draw much outstanding attention. It is with the roots of the chic and stylish Gabrielle that the watches become successful incorporating majestic and meaningful symbols that reign true to her legend. Chanel radiates an elegance that is above all of the rest. There is something to be said about bearing the sacred “C.”

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