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“Cartier, jeweler to kings and king of jewelers.” There were 15 royal patents that were earned between 1904 and 1939 eventually becoming the official provider of the most powerful dynasties. Creating exceptionally exclusive custom and marvelous tiaras for worldwide royalty was just one of their many accolades to brag about. Cartier has been not only a witness to some of the most regal love stories but played a part in creating some of the jewels that sealed the union and harmony of the celebrated sagas. Simultaneously creating love stories between the public and the jewelers they were ready to open the door to fine watch making. By far one of the most talked about legendary tales for their famed flagship location being acquired by an exchange of just a mere $100 and a double stranded pearl necklace. Cartier is considered to be one of the most elite brands and offers magnificent merchandise that tells a story and their designs has remained timeless. History records have revealed that there was an extensive collection of jewelry watches that were made to be worn as brooches and pocket watches adorned with an assortment of intricate designs and incredible jewels. The panther and its significance has evolved with the brand and is instantly identifiable. Decking the front of cigarette cases, powder boxes and soon stood out in the form of bracelets and other fine jewelry pieces. The panther provided an avenue where Cartier could capture femininity though substantial embellished panther pieces. Louis Cartier had a vision and was ahead of his time seeing that there was a need for the wristwatch. It was in the early 1900’s that he was able to solve the ever puzzling problem that Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviator, was struggling with. With the lack of reliability and consistency of the pocket watch emerged the first flat and square bezel wristwatch. Cartier’s first men’s watch was born and was appropriately named the Santos Dumont. Another one of their most recognized pieces, the tank, was created to offer quality with simplicity and has forever changed the watch industry. The clean and linear design has been accredited for decades, which mimicked the military tank design, and many variations have materialized being flawlessly successful. Both the Santos Dumont and the Tank had been significant models for Cartier having paved the way for them. Identifying the need for feminine flare the Tonneau, Tortue and Baignoire all personified beauty through curves and visual superiority. A range of case shapes to highlight Cartier’s passion for luxury and style can be seen through the development and creation of the Pasha, La Dona and The Crash. High jewelry has always been a talent of Cartier’s as seen through some of their most celebrated pieces done with the utmost attention to detail. There will always be a passion for surpassing visual perfection where new pieces will emerge. To own a piece of Cartier is to own a piece of history and sheer opulence.

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