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Born from its royal commission in 1823 Baccarat has forever been established as a regal brand. Baccarat is famed for being the first French crystal company to display chandeliers during the National Exhibition of French Industrial Products as well as introducing colored crystal. Just shortly after the first Parisian shop opens to showcase all of their exquisite designs. Boasting their new innovative and unparalleled ideas won them the gold medal in 1855 at the World’s Fair in Paris. It was in 1860 that all of the pieces that were produced would render a Baccarat registered mark. This would remind the customer that they are now they proud owner of sheer excellence. It was during this period of time that Baccarat not only expanded but also became established as a principal brand for stemware, chandeliers, perfume bottles and barware on a world wide scale. Using the company’s prestige they broke into the jewelry market by utilizing their fine techniques and creative designs. Baccarat crystal represents a certain opulence and luxury that is immediately seen through its cutting edge and classic designed crystal.

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